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How to install the sensor clip and transmitter

wattson, energy monitor
transmitter with batteries

Step 1

Insert the batteries into the transmitter

Insert the batteries into the transmitter.

The transmitter takes four AA batteries. Make sure the end of the battery marked goes in the end of the tray marked (making sure the aerial on the transmitter is extended). Then plug in the sensor lead of the sensor clip.

wattson, energy monitor
clip induction clip
sensor clip

Step 2

Attach the sensor clip

The sensor clip can be attached to either of the two cables running from the electricity meter to the fuse box. If your meter is a long way from your fuse box (as you might find in a block of flats), connect the clip to the cable where it enters the fuse box, so that the transmitter is as near as possible to where you’ll be using me. Simply undo the sensor clip and fit it around the cable. Make sure the clip top is firm and secure in the clip base..

wattson, the personal energy monitor
wattson display with my friend holmes, software data visualisation

Step 3

Position the transmitter

The transmitter can go on the wall next to the meter (or fuse box), or on a nearby shelf if there is one. If your meter is in a meter box, the transmitter may work best if it’s outside of this. If the sensor lead does not reach outside, it will work from inside the box but the range may not be as good. And if the transmitter is in an outdoor location where wet weather could touch it, wrap it in a plastic bag

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