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While wattson got the looks, I got the brains. Together, we tell you how much electricity you’ve used over the last 28 days, and how much you’ve saved and when. You’ll can send this data to a community† , so you and others can share and compare how well you’re doing and swap ideas on how to make even more savings. Click here to download me

wattson, the personal energy monitor
wattson power meter

Why use holmes?

There are lots of benefits to using wattson and I to help you save energy and up to 20% on your annual electricity bill. Just take a look at all these features:

Simple operation

• I’m easy to install on both PC and Mac computers.
• You don’t need a CD-ROM to get me on your computer – I come as a download me.
• I take just a few minutes to set up.

Versatile use

• I don’t just show energy use in watts – I can tell you how much you’ve spent and when.
• I also show your electricity usage in carbon tonnes.
• I can store all your energy use data for days, weeks, months and even years.
• I enable you to upload, share and compare your data with others in an online community

How does Holmes work?

I’m as straightforward to use as wattson. Set me up correctly, and I talk to wattson whenever you plug him into a spare USB port on your computer. He tells me about the amount of energy you’ve used since he and I last spoke, and I store all this information on your computer.

I was created by the folks at DIY Kyoto to show you visually what those numbers on wattson’s display actually mean. It’s all very well knowing that you if switch off the washing machine, TV and computer, your energy use will drop. What you want to know is how much you’re spending on electricity, when you use it most, and how to reduce what you use when you don’t need it.

I draw graphs to show you how you’re doing on energy use over hours, days, weeks or months. I also let you set a target for electricity use reduction, so you have something positive to work towards. Everything you need to know about getting the most from me is in my User Guide .

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