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Optiplug intelligent socket
for use with Wattson Solar Plus or Optimmersion

What people are saying about Optiplug

“Initially, I found it very easy to set up, it is paired with Wattson’s transmitter and currently calibrated to a small Oil filled heater which was set to a 600Wh setting. I am now using 600Wh that before, would have been wasted without the Optiplug. The instructions were easy and clear to follow, without any problems.”

David Jones, Daventry

“So far, my initial reaction is great gadget, does exactly what it says on the tin. I had no problems linking it to the Wattson transmitter or configuring the unit to the load: tumble dryer on low power. The device is doing exactly what it is programmed to do, turning the dryer on when I have 1.8kw available electricity.”

Tony Hall, Lancashire

“The sun is great, I am really pleased with the Optiplug it’s working well, I must admit I was worried how it would handle a series of clouds moving over the sun but you seem to have the reaction time just right. I am using Optiplug to control a low power immersion heater, now I can go out and come back to lots of lovely hot water. I am happy with the Optiplug, it was well worth waiting for.”

Derek Weaver, Hampshire

“I am really pleased with the Optiplug, I use the device to control the battery charger on my electric boat, it works very well and enables me to state to my friends that my boat is solar powered even though the actual boat has no solar panels!”

Nick Goldring, Reading Berkshire

Product information

How it works

Optiplug uses

We have come up with quite a number of uses for Optiplugs that may help you get ideas of how you can use the smart socket in your house.

If you are using Optiplug for something else, please let us know by Tweeting to @WattsonEnergeno


Additional products

Optiplug uses data from the Wattson transmitter so it needs one of the following products to work:

Where to buy

The retail price is £39.95, including VAT.
Please note that Optiplug requires a Wattson Solar Plus energy monitor to work. Wattson Solar Plus is available to buy on-line from these retailers.

TRADE Supply

For UK trade pricing and ordering, please contact your usual Wattson supplier.

Optiplug is also available with EU/Schuko and Australian plug sockets.
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