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Wattson Solar Plus
Giving you the green light to use free electricity

1 minute introduction

What people are saying about Wattson Solar Plus

“Wattson Solar Plus is a great monitor that we are happy to recommend to our customers. The unique colour function and simple display instantly tells the user whether they are exporting or importing electricity, and helps them make the most out of the free electricity that they generate.”

Marketing Manager, Prescient Power

“Our Wattson Solar Plus is displayed in the hallway for everyone who comes in the front door to see. We usually have it on GRID mode so we can see when it’s a good time to turn on the dishwasher or washing machine to make the most of our free power, and check we’ve not left anything on before we go out or up to bed. Over time it’s teaching our whole family about our patterns of use, and how much power to expect from our panels during different weathers.”

Fiona Staddon, Dorset.

“Wattson Solar Plus is an excellent addition to Energy My Way
solar panel installations in Lincolnshire”

Richard Jones, installer

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Can I install it myself?

• If you can fit a pencil behind and between the pair of wires linking your generation meter with your fusebox, and also fit a pencil behind/between the pair of wires linking your main electricity meter and your fusebox then you can fit a Wattson Solar Plus yourself.

• If the distance between your ‘pencil’ access to your generation wires and your grid electricity supply wires is more than 1.5m, then you will need an extension cable.

• If your solar feed comes into a separate fusebox to your main supply, the Wattson will need to be fitted professionally by your Solar installer.


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