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Wattson Anywhere
Online visibility of your home’s electricity consumption and your PV system’s performance.

Product information

Wattson Anywhere is the online portal to access your home’s usage and generation data from any internet-enabled device.

The portal shows you different ways to visualise your electricity activity and how it is being used. For users with renewable energy, it is particularly interesting to see how much of your generated electricity is actually being used in the home and monitor the performance of your renewable system.

Access to the information provided by Wattson Anywhere will prompt you to consider ways to use excess energy, rather than let it be exported; you get paid for the surplus whether you use it or not, unless your meter measures export. Users can choose whether to share their dashboard with others, or to keep their information private.

For households with Optimmersion® or Optismart® Hot Water, the Wattson Anywhere displays the amount of power that is currently being diverted to the hot water tank.

What people are saying about Wattson Anywhere

“Just happened to notice that you’ve updated the web-pages for Wattson Anywhere to include Diverted Power tracking. We are really impressed with the way the new page looks. It shows a lot of complicated information in an excellent, simple-to-understand and clear manner. I have just about decided that we are going to offer ALL of our new customers a Wattson Anywhere unit as standard on every installation.”

Jeremy F, a Which Trusted Trader Installer

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