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CAN I install wattson?

When you buy wattson, you receive a wattson display (1), a transmitter (2) and a sensor clip (3).

what you get

The sensor clip attaches to one of the mains electricity cables leading from your home’s meter box to your fuse box or distribution box.

To install Wattson Solar Plus with Easifit, there needs to be access to SINGLE core electricity supply cables.

You will have access to your cables if you can fit a pencil behind and between the pair of wires linking your generation meter with your fusebox, and also fit a pencil behind/between the pair or wires linking your main electricity meter and your fusebox. It is important that there is a pair of wires in each case.

If the distance between your ‘pencil’ access to your generation wires and your grid electricity supply wires is more than 1.5m, then you will need an extension cable. In many cases, the most convenient way would be to fit the sensor clips inside the isolator switch where you will have access to single core wires.

If you are unable to identify a single core wire and/or if your solar feed comes into a seperate fusebox to your main supply, you will not be able to fit an Easifit kit and the Wattson will need to be fitted professionally by a Solar installer or an electrician.

Detailed installation instructions and FAQ’s are available on our Knowledge Base.

Three Phase Economy 7 supply


Three Phase Electricity Supply

When you purchase Wattson you will be provided with a single sensor clip. Most homes around the world use single phase electricity and only require one clip to measure. Some premises may have 3- phase electricity installed, this is normally for houses with larger electricity loads and most businesses. To measure three phase electricity you will need to purchase 2 extra clips, see accessories.
Newer properties may have large plastic protection around the cables, or the cables built into the wall of the property. In these cases, please consult a qualified electrician for the installation of your wattson.


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